Occupy has stated its case

will the politicians heed it?

November 20, 2011

The Sun says it's time for the Occupy Wall Street movement to grow up ("Time to grow up," Nov. 17), urging the protesters to "develop goals beyond camping in public."

It would be instructive to ask The Sun, where is the outrage, the righteous indignation at the violence of the police to unarmed citizens?

Besides adopting an unnecessary tone of condescending sarcasm, The Sun misses the point. Instead of focusing on the logistical problems city officials have to contend with, it's time to ask politicians and city officials what they have done to enact the fundamental reforms the protesters have been advocating for the last two months — jobs with a living wage, single-payer health care for all, an end to murderous, wasteful wars, and an end to the influence of money in the political process. The signs the protesters are carrying state the case well.

The Sun says, "you have our attention. Now do something with it."

No, the Occupy movement is one of communication and advocacy for democratic reform. It is up to those in positions of influence to act and "do something with it" — or be removed from that position.

Lee Lears, Annapolis

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