'The Walking Dead' recap: Episode 206, 'Secrets'

'We don't shoot sick people'

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November 20, 2011|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@tribune.com

This week's episode of "The Walking Dead" was called "Secrets," but they could have also called it "Lying" because a bunch of characters tell a bunch of lies (or withhold information, which is a form of lying).

Now, this should go without saying by this point, but if you haven't watched the episode yet, fair warning: There is about to be a Thanksgiving dinner of spoilers.

Lori lies to Rick and everyone else about being pregnant and having a relationship with Shane. Rick lies about Hershel wanting everyone to get off his farm. Shane lies about killing Otis. Hershel and Maggie lie about storing a bunch of zombies in the farm and little Carl lies about stealing a gun.

About the only characters who don't lie are kind-hearted Dale and Glenn.

Glenn, whose heart is pure and soul is gentle, is as honest as Abe Lincoln, and that honesty leads to the unraveling of everyone else's tangled web of lies.

By the end of this episode, Lori spills the beans to Rick about her pregnancy and her past relationship with Shane, and finds out that Hershel wants them to get the hell off his property. Hershel's secret barn full of zombies becomes common knowledge, Dale gets pretty close to a confession from Shane about what happened at the high school with Otis, and little Carl gets caught with a gun in his pants.

So we made some good progress this week in terms of clearing the air, but we didn't really get anywhere in terms of action, Jackson.

Prime example: They still don't have a bead on Sophia.

Shane had some mysterious intel, but all it led to was a new housing development. There are a bunch of scorched bodies in one house, and Andrea and Shane ice a bunch of walkers while making their getaway.

I was pretty confused about this part. Shane didn't seem very surprised about all those burned-up bodies. It was almost as if he knew that they were there. And he also didn't seem too surprised about all the walkers outside. Had he been there before?

Either way, it was a pretty good training mission for Andrea. It's a good thing she waited until this week to get all awesome at shooting, or else her shot last week would have hit Daryl between the eyes instead of grazing his head!

Andrea got all hot and bothered after all that shooting, and she and Shane got it on in his Hyundai on the drive back to the farm.

Oh, and despite the title of this week's episode, the survivors unfortunately didn't make a trip to the hottest night club in Ocean City, Md. It would have been neat if they went there and found zombie DJ Batman.

Biggest waste of resources
Patricia's feeding of live chickens to the zombies out in the barn. Hey Patty, why don't you just dump all of the beer down the toilet while you're at it? As if it wasn't bad enough, she also breaks their legs before sending them to their deaths. She is one sick puppy, ain't she?

Second place: Shane chucking his apple core when he catches Carl with the gun. Hey Shane, real men eat apple cores. Every time I see someone throw away an apple core I shudder. It gets all brown and rotten and stinky in your plastic wastebasket at work, when it could be nourishing you in your belly.  I don't blame people for getting rid of the stems, those are way too tough to chew up, but once you get used to eating the apple core — even the seeds — it's really not that bad. And no, apple trees will not grow in your stomach. Grow up...

Third place: All those bullets and antique bottles during that incredibly loud shooting session.

Most misguided, ignorant a$$hole
Hershel. Every time he opens his dumb, stupid wrinkly lips I want to reach out through my TV and smack the taste out of his mouth. He's really sticking to his guns on his get-off-of-my-preoperty stance. Well I got news for you, Hersh, in case you haven't noticed, there are zombies everywhere and it doesn't matter if this is your farm. No one owns anything anymore and if you keep this up you're liable to suffer some comeuppance. I don't know if Rick is the right man for the job ("The best thing right now is to give Hershel some space," he says.) but that loose cannon Shane could probably take care of business. Wouldn't it be great if they threw Hershel in there with his former family members and neighbors and they ate him!? Wouldn't that be just desserts! The bottom line is that he can ask them to leave all they want, but how is he going to make them leave?

And his stupid idea to keep all his dead friends and neighbors in the barn? Come on dude. I know he's pious and holier than thou and all that, and he thinks they're just "sick," but it doesn't take Louis Pasteur to realize that there's no healing these people. Their faces are starting to fall off and stuff. Like, what are you going to do, heal them with some vaccine and then put a bunch of Maybelline and Cover Girl on them and they're going to be ready to go have Sunday supper at Old Country Buffet again? Give me a break.

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