Health cooperative's survival doesn't depend on federal funding

November 19, 2011

As the executive director of Evergreen Health Care Cooperative, I respectfully disagree with your op-ed's conclusion that the success of our project is entirely dependent on federal support ("A better way to provide health care, threatened by budget cuts: Co-op medical care at risk in supercommittee deliberations," Nov. 16).

The low interest loans enabled by the Affordable Care Act are a great source of capital for co-ops. However, we are also working with several other capital sources to fund this effort, which includes not only innovative changes in the way health care is funded but also a new vision for the delivery of care in a community-based network where the doctor, the patient and the insurer are all on the same side of the table.

Further, this new collaboration has been actuarially validated and market tested. The two dozen plus professionals who have been building this model are confident that it will soon offer a new and more affordable option to the Marylanders who need it most.

We hope the low interest loans offered by the ACA will play a key role in accelerating our innovation as one of the several sources we will use to fund this ground-breaking initiative.

J. Howard Kucher, Baltimore

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