Coincidental Travelers

November 19, 2011|By Kathy

Last Monday, I flew to the West Palm Beach airport to visit friends in Florida.  On the way down I sat in a window seat, and a blond woman sat in the aisle seat. The seat between us was empty. 
We did not talk to each other until the plane was landing. I learned she was from New Hampshire and on her way to see her parents before Thanksgiving. 
When I was boarding my flight to return to Baltimore on Thursday, there she was in line to board. Neither of us had known how long the other was staying.
Her boarding number was one number different from mine. I asked her what her number had been on the way down, because I couldn’t remember who had been in line with me then. Turns out she was also one number away then.
 While standing in line to return north, I learned that the same flight on Wednesday had been cancelled because of a white substance found in the lavatory. Everyone sat first in the plane, then in chairs on the tarmac for about four hours. 
As we boarded, we decided to take our previous positions for good luck. She sat on the aisle. and I sat at the window. We were farther back on the plane this time, because many passengers whose flight had been cancelled Wednesday were given pre-boarding passes on Thursday.

They filled much of the cabin in front of us, but we two coincidental seatmates were not complaining. The weather had been sunny and in the mid-80s all week. We had had outstanding visits with friends and family, as well as smooth and safe flights to and from Florida. 

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