Turgeon, Stoglin get on same page

Notes on Maryland's 78-71 victory over Colorado

November 18, 2011|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

So no, the Terps won't go for "0 for Puerto Rico."

This was a game in which the fans at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico saw one thing, and Maryland coach Mark Turgeon saw another.

The fans saw Terrell Stoglin at his creative best, scoring 25 of his 32 points in the second half. If you were watching, you might remember that whirling spin move in the lane, or the 3 that put the Terps up for the first time in the second half. Lots of pyrotechnics from Terrell.

Stoglin is a hoot. Sean Mosley just started laughing when I asked Stoglin if he had previously had a game like that and Stoglin first replied: "Couple of times." Then he amended it to say: "Probably like 10 times in high school."

But Turgeon, who is trying to forge a team, kept talking about Stoglin's other contributions -- the ones that fans can miss.

"Terrell had 32 points but he's doing all the little things that he wasn’t doing – guarding, trying to rebound, helping a teammate up off the floor, being a good teammate. I know he can score. I like all the other stuff," Turgeon said.

This can be dismissed as Coachspeak. But what it means to me is that Turgeon and Stoglin are beginning to find common ground. The relationship between the two seemed not to gel quickly. Remember that Stoglin didn't start the UNC-Wilmington game.

But listen to what Stoglin said after last night's game: "I just wanted to listen to coach tonight and it worked."

It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Next up: Terps-Iona at 2:00 Eastern on Sunday (ESPNU)

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