NFL Network's Glazer reports internal criticism of Cameron

Network's Warner adds himself to list lobbying for more touches for Rice

November 18, 2011|By Edward Lee

Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has not endeared himself to many fans with his curious play-calling this season. According to one analyst, that dissatisfaction is being shared by people within the Ravens organization.

The NFL Network’s Jay Glazer painted Cameron as a stubborn leader who is unwilling to make in-game adjustments despite input from his coaching colleagues and players.

“He’s been driving people there crazy,” Glazer said during the network’s “Thursday Night Kickoff” show. “He comes into an offensive game plan, he has his game plan set and he really doesn’t veer from it. I know players, coaches, they’ve said to him, ‘Hey, on the field, this is open, they’ve shut this down, let’s veer, let’s alter,’ and he just doesn’t do it until then end of the game.” 

In related news, former St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner said the offense must return to a formula that heavily features running back Ray Rice.

“Ray Rice is the catalyst for this offense,” Warner said. “Whether you’re handing it to him in the backfield or whether you’re getting him into the passing game, you have to find ways – creative ways – to line him up on linebackers and make plays down the middle of the field.”

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