For the hippie

November 18, 2011|By Nancy Jones-Bonbrest

Vinyl record clock


A hip and green way to tell time. Made from a 12-inch upcycled vinyl vintage record, this clock can please tree-huggers and music lovers alike.

Compost pail


If the environmentalists on your list are serious about saving the earth, then they're also serious about composting. This odor-absorbing, dishwasher-safe countertop composter is a convenient — and stylish — way to help save the planet, one banana peel at a time.


Reclaimed wine-barrel head server


Don't compare this to Mom's lazy Susan. It's a party server hand-crafted from reclaimed wine barrel tops. Ohio artisan Chris Deffenbaugh keeps the original brandings and markings of the wine-barrel head intact, but adds a matching birch base and spinner.

Bike-chain frame


Each month Graham Bergh and his team of artisans in Oregon collect used bicycle parts. They donate pieces that still have life to a non-profit that teaches bicycle repair to children; pieces that are beyond repair are polished and made into sleek things such as this bike chain frame.


National Audubon Society membership


If Angry Birds has unleashed someone's inner bird lover, then a membership to the Audubon Society makes a timely gift. Membership has its privileges, including a welcome at Audubon Sanctuaries and Nature Centers across the country, like the one at Patterson Park. Sign up online to receive a free calendar.

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