She's back, feeling better, thank you, and bearing news about Holiday Party

Guilford Column

November 18, 2011

After several months recuperating from a bad fall, which in turn generated other health problems, it is a pleasure to once again report on our neighborhood events. While still not out of the woods, I am so very grateful for all the beautiful, compassionate, cards, messages, flowers and delicious treats from kind-hearted friends and neighbors.

Guilford is a truly amazing community!

Following the beautiful days of October, November has arrived with more sunny skies, albeit a touch cooler temperatures. Nature's glorious fall foliage displays of gold and crimson are unfolding around us.

As the end of daylight saving time signals the advent of longer, darker evenings, the beds in Sherwood Gardens have been neatly cultivated, and planted with tulip bulbs for their winter hibernation. Mulched borders have taken the place of summer's blooms on landscaped lawns.

With Halloween a memory, wreaths and garlands will soon be appearing, replacing chrysanthemums and gourds, as Guilford prepares for the holiday season.

And speaking of the holiday season, preparations are well under way for the annual Guilford Women's Civic League Holiday Party. Please note the change of date. After many years of having the party on Sunday, this year it will be held on Saturday, Dec. 3, 6- 9 pm., in the home of Dr. Paul Fowler and Frank McNeil Jr.

For a modest fee and a tray of hors d'oeuvres to share, guests will enjoy an open bar, live music and a gathering of partygoers in one of Guilford's grandest mansions, which has just been redecorated. Dress is holiday festive. And all of this is a fundraiser for our world-famous Sherwood Gardens.

This year's bright green invitations were addressed at a recent luncheon held in Sharon Smith's elegant home, the venue for 2005's successful holiday fete.

Invites were hand-addressed to all of Guilford's homes. The camaraderie continued at an informal luncheon of assorted sandwiches, chips, fruit, and Halloween-decorated cupcakes adorned with pumpkins and ghosts.

Among those enjoying the occasion were Peggy Greenman, Cathy Gaynor, Rene Pallace, Merry Highby, Eva Brill, Margo Bates, Lisa Garten, Lynda Riley, Betty Davis, Joan Friedel, Mary Ellen Whitman, Nancy Getter, Millicent Tyler, Carver Green, Ann Giroux and Joanna Golden.

Last year's bash at the home of Linda and John Hutchins, attended by more than 150 happy partygoers, raised a substantial sum for Sherwood Gardens.

If you haven't received an invitation, let me know right away, and I will be sure you get one promptly.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of Guilford's wonderful families!

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