Baltimore should fight to keep the Grand Prix

November 17, 2011

On Labor Day weekend, my extended family flew to Baltimore for the Grand Prix. We all got rooms at a downtown hotel and spent the entire weekend there. We ate, drank, spent money and most of all enjoyed the amazing spectacle that these hard working, forward thinking, risk taking visionary race founders had brought us. The city was breathtaking on TV. The drivers and their pit crews were kind, accessible and impressed and excited about the race. I learned so much about a sport that I was otherwise not involved in.

Please don't let egos and small thinkers destroy all the good that this event has brought to our city. Any time there is a big risk taken, there will be unforeseen kinks to work out. Certainly with such a huge undertaking, money issues were to be expected until it gets established. Please give it a chance, be patient, and let it happen. Would my whole family otherwise have spent the whole weekend in downtown Baltimore? Nope. But we had a blast!

Sherrill Cooper, Finksburg

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