Cameron sounds like he doesn't anticipate Evans' return soon

Offensive coordinator says wideout must prove it in practice

November 17, 2011|By Edward Lee

As he did last week, Lee Evans practiced on a limited basis Wednesday, continuing to give hope that the wide receiver might return to the Ravens soon.

To hear offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, however, that hope might be premature.

Evans has missed the last seven games due to a lingering left ankle injury, and Cameron said during his weekly briefing Thursday that Evans must prove that his ankle is stable enough to convince the coaches to sign off on his return.

“It’s really going to be predicated on how he practices,” Cameron said. “He probably needs a week or two of good practice. I think that will help. Some of our other guys are playing really well, and we’ve got some other options until he comes back. We’ll see how the practices go. If he’s practicing at a level that [coach] John [Harbaugh] feels and we feel that he can help us win the game, then I’m sure he’ll be there. But that may take a week or two.”

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