Defending the Humane Society

November 17, 2011

I don't understand the negative comments about the Humane Society I have read in the past. It really bothers me. People shouldn't write about things they know nothing about. I have volunteered at the shelter for a long time and have meet and worked with a lot of wonderful people. They are so loving and care very much about the animals. The care they receive is wonderful. They provide this care mostly on private donations and there are a lot of animals to take care of. There wouldn't be so many animals if people spayed and neutered their animals, or stop throwing them out the door like they are nothing. There are many cases where they are abused, stray, cold, hungry and lonely.

We give them the love and care they deserve! Yes there are time when an animal must be put to sleep, most of the time the animal is better off that way cause they are very sick, or just to wild to adopt out. This shelter keeps animals as long as possible. I have worked at others that keep them a very short time. They have had animals there for months on end, and really try to get them a home. It is not the shelters' fault that some never make it out of there, it is the people that disregard the lives of these precious animals. Maybe if you came and volunteered there for a while, you would see what I see and stop all the negativity.

Teresa J. Bagley

Bel Air

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