More tax-raising is no solution for city

November 17, 2011

After reading the article on the city's container tax ("Rawlings-Blake calls on council to raise bottle tax," Nov. 15), it's quite obvious that the mayor is trying to instill fear into Baltimore residents by basically stating that city schoolchildren will continue to suffer if the tax isn't passed.

However, I am somewhat confused because originally when the state lottery was established, those proceeds were supposed to be devoted for education. Now where is all that money going to?

Isn't it bad enough that since Martin O'Malley was elected governor, tax increases and fees have already been passed at historic levels? This is exactly what is hindering economic and job growth.

Want to raise revenue without further bankrupting Marylanders? Legalize and regulate the nation's top cash crop, marijuana. I know this will not happen any time soon. Basically, all we have to look forward to is more and more taxes in the near future, That's business as usual.

Such a tragedy that politics will always stand in the way of real solutions.

Morris Scheindlinger, Sparks

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