Rodricks should adopt a more balanced view of church affairs

November 17, 2011

Dan Rodricks' columns frequently exhibit a strong bias against the Catholic Church. Admittedly, the church is not without its faults. But Mr. Rodricks seems to delight in routinely bashing the institution.

If he feels a continuing and compelling need to report on church matters to your readers, let me make a suggestion: Consider using the glass is half full approach.

Specifically, the Catholic Church, like other Christian and non-Christian communities, makes significant daily contributions toward serving the spiritual and physical needs of mankind. You don't have to go far to personally witness what the church and other religious communities are doing in this regard.

I understand that the bad things of the world get the ink while the good things, though they outnumber the bad, seldom find their way into the media.

I hope that in the future Mr. Rodricks will take these points to heart and try using a more balanced, positive approach to his reporting on church matters.

Leonard E. Frank Jr., Bel Air

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