The House of Cougar

November 17, 2011

Since Fallston High School opened in 1977, its field hockey program has won 13 state championship titles, an average of one every 2.6 years for those who have a penchant for sports stats.

The Cougars did it this year by knocking off the Warriors of Pocomoke City, 4-2, in a game played at Washington College. It was the second state championship for the field hockey team at Fallston under the leadership of coach Megan Grant, who was also at the helm of the 2009 team that won the school its 12th title. The championship victories in 2009 and this year keep the Cougars on the same footing they enjoyed for many years under longtime coach Alice Puckett.

Unlike other sports, such as lacrosse, soccer and football, which enjoy a measure of popularity among the general public, field hockey is a test of athletics and gamesmanship that is largely underappreciated in this country. It's quite a feat, therefore, for a passion for the game to be passed from one coach to another, even as a winning tradition doesn't miss a step.

Whatever the reason behind the passion for field hockey at Fallston High School, it's clear the program is something of a dynasty.

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