All-Howard County football team

Hammond's Paye and Atholton's Whiting are players of the year, as voted by Howard County's coaches

November 16, 2011

Following is the All-Howard County football team, as selected by the county's coaches Wednesday.

(NOTE: The Baltimore Sun's All-Metro team will be announced early next month.)



Player of the Year: Devon Paye, Hammond, RB

First TeamQB: Brian McMahon, Atholton
RB: Aaron Wells, River Hill
RB: Allen Cross, Long Reach
RB: Kenny Thomas, Atholton
WR: Joey Usher, Reservoir
WR: Dominic Drew, Oakland Mills
WR: Dequan Ellison, Atholton
TE: Tom Klotz, Wilde Lake
OL: John Pickett, Long Reach
OL: Paul Federinko, Atholton
OL: Kyle Jackson, Hammond
OL: Justin Lee, Reservoir
OL: Karrs Johnson, River Hill
K: Luke Brister, Glenelg
A/P: Raamah Vaughn, River Hill

Second Team

QB: E.J. Montgomery, Reservoir
RB: Michael Anderson, Howard
RB: Joey Bonavitacola, Howard
RB: Chancy Waters, Wilde Lake
WR: Jordan Mynatt, Wilde Lake
WR: David Brookhart, Glenelg
WR: Robert Armstrong, Reservoir
TE: Olumide Sokoya, Long Reach
OL: Jack Friedman, Howard
OL: Zach Plotkin, Atholton
OL: Eric Handy, Wilde Lake
OL: Lyle Fugate, Marriotts Ridge
OL: Derek Sicca, Hammond
OL: Tommy Testoff, River Hill
K: Brett Haas, Atholton
A/P: Morgan Powell, Atholton


Player of the Year: Steve Whiting, Atholton, DL

First Team

DL: John Warfield, Glenelg
DL: Noah Johnson, Howard
DL: Jason Johnson, River Hill
DL: Lance Elmore, Long Reach
LB: Shamir Parham, Howard
LB: Glenn Lucas, Glenelg
LB: Riley Davis, River Hill
LB: Rasheed Lashley, Hammond
DB: Eugene Swenn, Long Reach
DB: Austin Tennessee, Atholton
DB: Gavin Hendricks, Hammond
DB: Kenny Frazier, Reservoir
DB: Randall Lawson, River Hill
P: Chris Peterson, Centennial

Second TeamDL: Cameron Fogle, Atholton
DL: J.T. Komsa, Glenelg
DL: Alec Rau, River Hill
DL: Olumide Adewumi, Hammond
LB: Ean Katz, Atholton
LB: John Mbagwu, Howard
LB: Antoine Barnes, Wilde Lake
LB: Humphrey Anuh, Hammond
DB: Zach Nicholas, Mt. Hebron
DB: Blake Richardson, Glenelg
DB: Nick Crabill, Glenelg 
P: Malik Gilmore, Mt. Hebron



QB: Ryan Wade, Howard
QB: Kurtis Coleman, Oakland Mills
QB: Mark Darden, Glenelg
RB: Daquan Dixon, Long Reach
WR: Ryan Perry, Glenelg
WR: Akili Moore, Hammond
TE: Pat Zarek, Centennial
TE: Ben Carta, Glenelg
OL: Sean Twigg, Glenelg
OL: Dominic Williams, Long Reach
OL: Jahbari Jones, Long Reach
K: Davis Grove, River Hill
A/P: Jay Warren, Centennial


DL: Jack St. Hilaire, Long Reach
DL: Darien Williams, Wilde Lake
DL: Chris Mukasa, Howard
DL: Steve White, Mt. Hebron
DL: Ben Cho, Marriotts Ridge
LB: Alex Sims, Reservoir
LB: Mike Conlon, Long Reach
LB: Emmett Brew, River Hill
LB: Ryan Higgins, River Hill
LB: Kevin Hulvey, Centennial
DB: Joe Tolbert, Glenelg
DB: David Pipken, Long Reach
DB: Stephan Osong, River Hill

NOTE: Thanks to Andrew Conrad of the Howard County Times for first posting this.

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