Paterno put football ahead of children

November 16, 2011

I am appalled at the reactions of Penn State supporters who continue to stand behind Joe Paterno and aren't certain whether he did the "right thing" or not. Mr. Paterno was told that his right hand man and close friend sodomized a 10-year-old boy and "reported it to his superior." Rape is not just "child abuse." He never pursued it any farther or tried to make sure that the police investigated Jerry Sandusky.

Anyone with a moral bone in their body knows that Mr. Paterno's actions were not the right thing. His indifference and that of the Penn State administration allowed a suspected predator to continue to "work" with children and use the school's facilities unchecked. How many innocents could have been protected if Mr. Paterno and the school's athletic director and the rest had put the welfare of the child victims above that of their sainted football program? It's a shame they don't all end up in jail.

Jim Kirby, Baltimore

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