Bond Street Bourbon, Bond Street Social

November 16, 2011|By Meekah Hopkins

The print on the cocktail napkins at Fells Point's newest hot spot, Bond Street Social, says it all: "Socialize".

The bar and restaurant, a warm, earthy, industrial lounge, is dedicated to this simple concept. "It's all about sharing", said General Manager Shane Gerken. "We're committed to that theme: from the aesthetics and design to our menus." While the food, described as "high-end comfort" is based around the trendy small plates concept, Bond Street's social drinks, with their 80-ounce infusion jars, brings a unique new idea to the table.

Served in a spouted, glass jar on a wooden stand, the cocktails are a tasty blend of house-infused fruits and liquors. Bartender and Assistant Manager CJ DeMarco, who infuses all four varieties himself, recommends ordering a jar for a group of four or more (each jar pours seven-eight drinks). I sampled all of them. Don't worry: If you show up solo or are on a date, you can order individual portions. My favorite? A very approachable bourbon-based cocktail aptly named the Bond Street Bourbon.

Bourbon isn't a conventional go-to for all, but the citrusy layering of the drink gives it a simple, light taste. DeMarco takes Jim Beam, infuses it with fresh limes, then cuts the taste with lemon simple syrup. The result is refreshing and appealing.

When you go, be sure to snag a table near one of social club's fireplaces. Sitting in a high-backed leather chair with a fire crackling warmly in the background is the perfect place to spend a few comfortable hours catching up with friends. Bond Street Social wants you to take the time to socialize.

How to Make the Bond Street Bourbon

(By the glass)

2 oz. Jim Beam

3 oz. water

1 1/2 oz. lemon-infused simple syrup

1 1/2 oz. lime juice

Pour, mix in a 10 oz. glass on the rocks; garnish with a fresh slice of lemon.

Where to Get It

Bond Street Social

901 S. Bond Street, Fells Point


80-oz. jar, $50; by the glass, $10

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