'Survivor: South Pacific' recap: Episode 10

November 16, 2011|By Beth Aaltonen

We open this episode on Redemption Island, where Keith, Ozzy and Jim confab about the game. Why are all three of them there? When do they do another Redemption Island challenge? We can’t really call it a duel anymore, can we?

Coach shows that while he may be a strange man, he does understand a lot about the way people think. He knows that the person at the bottom of an alliance can’t feel as if he's at the bottom of an alliance. And I must say, it’s working for him so far.

Oh, Jeebus. Coach and Cochran are doing Tai Chi (I think). Ha! I was about to write that Cochran is totally drinking the Kool-Aid, and Cochran beat me to it. At least he’s self aware. Wow. Coach is really good at lying without actually lying. When Cochran asks him whether he’s going to go out seventh, he replies, "I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen." Which sound like a promise, but doesn’t actually promise anything.

And now we’re having the Redepmtion Island duel with Keith, Ozzy and Jim, although I don’t think they can call it a duel with three people. It’s an endurance challenge that requires strength and balance, and I am surprised that I’m rooting for Keith. I think the hardest part about the endurance challenges is having to listen to Jeff narrate. They’re holding up poles on the backs of their wrists, and that can’t be comfortable.

Jim is out first and is now the first member of the jury. Dammit. Keith is out and Ozzy survives, once again. You know, for how good he is at challenges and providing food, he must be really, really bad at strategy to have not managed to win after being on this show twice before.

Ozzy is loving it at Redemption Island, and you know what? He just might be right. This is perfect for him. He doesn’t have to worry about the strategy part (not his strong suit anyway), and all he has to do is keep winning challenges (which he is good at). It also has the added bonus that he’s not pissing anyone off with his gameplay, since he’s not really in the game.

Back at Te Tuna, Rick is trying to catch fish. Dawn and Cochran are talking about trying to stir things up. Cochran seems to like the idea because for once, he would get to be the hero. You know, if he hadn’t betrayed them in the first place, they wouldn’t need rescuing.

Immunity Challenge time! It’s another balance game, this time coupled with an obstacle course. The contestants have to balance bowls of rice on their head, and the first one to fill his or her container wins immunity. People are falling all over the place, but Dawn, Brandon and Sophie do the best at it. And Sophie wins with one really, really full bowl of rice at the end.

Oh, there’s going to be a twist at Tribal Council. Who wants to call a desperate attempt by the producers to make things more interesting? Watching one tribe get picked off one by one get kind of boring, and boring is not good for ratings.

Cochran is disappointed with his performance in the challenge. So are we all, Cochran. Obviously, either Dawn or Whitney is up for elimination, with Dawn being the leading contender because she’s so darn nice. I’m not calling anything until I find out what these producer shenanigans will be.

Dawn and Whitney talk up Albert, which might work, because Albert realizes that Edna’s never going to vote for him anyway, so she’s expendable. Whitney mentions that Rick isn’t even playing the game, which explains why we never hear or see him. I wonder how far he’ll get with that.

Albert looks as though he is totally willing to throw in with the remaining Savaii, and Coach is looking suspicious. One of his minions might be thinking for himself! Albert brings Sophie in on the plan, and Sophie very rightly points out that she has never made Edna any promises, as she wasn’t part of the original alliance. Coach is trying to control his alliance through fear, and states that anyone going against the Five is dead. But Edna’s not part of the Five! Loophole? We’ll see.

At Tribal Council, Jeff tries to stir the pot, as usual. Coach tries to say that he’s not running the alliance, which kind of goes against everything he said right before Tribal Council. Voting begins, and Whitney votes for Edna, as expected, but we don’t see any other votes. And that’s because no one flipped, so Dawn gets voted out. So where’s the twist?

Oh, here it is. They’re going straight into another Immunity Challenge, and then straight into another vote. So are the producers hoping that Whitney will win immunity and throw Upolu into a tizzy?  The challenge is a quiz, and while Whitney goes to the end, Sophie wins immunity. Whitney is toast, and Cochran is the last remaining member of Savaii. Will he go next, or will the Harvard grad manage to save himself yet again?

Next week:  Brandon somehow manages to piss everyone off enough to make them consider getting rid of him next, and Coach thinks he‘s a god. And I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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