Balto. Co. schools: How about spending $5 million on teachers, classes?

November 15, 2011

I was quoted in Liz Bowie's recent article on Baltimore County's ill-advised textbook purchase ("Millions for textbooks that went used," Nov. 11) and would like to supplement those remarks.

Superintendent Joe A. Hairston ignored the advice of the Maryland State Department of Education and wasted $5 million of taxpayer money on obsolete textbooks. That's money the county schools could have used to retain many great teachers who were laid off last year,

That's $5 million the county could have used to avoid eliminating classes in many high schools. Now, our kids are being funneled into a curriculum heavy with advanced placement courses that is ill suited for many and incredibly stressful for the few who can handle the intense, homework-laden courses.

Because of Mr. Hairston's poor choices, our children have been deprived of the choices they need for a successful education. The county schools should use our tax dollars responsibly and bring back a full array of course choices.

Mary Ellen Pease, Towson

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