Rand Paul is a doctor, so why is he trying to harm the public health?

November 15, 2011

Regarding "Pollution bill defeated" (Nov. 11) the defeat of this brazen, immoral, un-Christian, unconscionable attempt by tea party Sen. Rand Paul, M.D., to block EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule of July 2011 deserved greater emphasis than a tiny article on Page 15. This rule attempts to slash coal-fired power plant air pollution that blows downwind to other states and causes aggravated asthma attacks in children and adults, premature deaths, heart attacks, lung and heart problems, and will result in 1.8 million sick days per year by 2014 among the 240 million Americans living in the eastern half of the country.

Fifty-six honorable Democrats, independents, and Republicans voted down this effort to hurt the health of Americans in the name of corporate profit, and 39 Republicans and two Democrats voted for it. Americans must be vigilant for similar efforts to undermine environmental regulations that protect the health of their fellow countrymen — especially children — from bad air, polluted water and unhealthy food, efforts that occur every day in the House of Representatives. Voters would be well advised to ask candidates prior to the November 2012 election, "Why do you and your party want to hurt the health of our children and adults?"

Richard Shannahan, Lutherville

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