Women-only swim beginning of Sharia law in America

Letter to the editor

November 15, 2011

And so it begins. Sharia law making its way into our culture, nibble by nibble, bite by bite until one day we wake up and realize that our American way of life has been destroyed and overtaken by another culture.

Shehlla Khan, a Muslim Howard County resident, complained that she was concerned about people watching her swim in the conservative, cover-all dress required by Islamic dress codes, and thinking: "What's wrong? Why can't you take it off?" First of all, how does Ms. Khan know what others are thinking?

Because of Ms. Khan's complaint, the Columbia Association is creating a twice weekly, women only swim time. So, what is next? Perhaps the Muslim community will ask for "Muslim women only" swim times, because they might feel that the non-Muslim women are watching and thinking "What's wrong? Why can't you take it off?"


The Howard County pools are public pools. If we begin to accommodate every group, every complaint, little by little, we will see our community begin to change. This is America. If you are uncomfortable because you are wearing cover-all clothing to swim, then there are two options for you:

1. Build a private pool for Muslims only.

2. Continue to come to our "community" pool and get over your insecurities.

I imagine that grossly overweight people sometimes feel very insecure in a bathing suit at a community pool. Can you imagine if this group of people asked for "obese only" swim times each week? Sound ridiculous? I don't think so. What is ridiculous is to think that each whine or complaint must be accommodated, at the expense of the majority.

Wake up, America! Today it is community pools, tomorrow perhaps our schools, public parks, places of worship. Stand up for your rights as Americans!

No Sharia law in America!

Geri Ungurean

Kings Contrivance

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