Street crossings pass and fail for Catonsville students in 1936

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November 15, 2011

An article in the Nov. 13, 1936, edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian noted an unsafe situation for young pedestrians at a local school.

Consideration of the traffic hazard at the Catonsville High School occupied the attention of the Sterling Club of Catonsville at the regular semi-monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. It was pointed out that pedestrians and vehicular traffic are well taken care of at Ingleside and Frederick Avenues, with two policemen and a traffic light at that intersection, but that no provision is made to correct school children crossing Bloomsbury Avenue at the high school.


Police of Baltimore County, Baltimore City and State have been notified to be on the lookout for Clyde Hurtt, 16, of Locust Drive and Magruder Avenues, Catonsville, who disappeared on Tuesday. Young Hurtt, who makes his home here with his grandmother, Mrs. C.B. Glazebrook, is a first-year pupil at the Catonsville High School.

He failed to appear at school on Tuesday and did not come home Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, Mrs. Glazebrook reported his absence to the police. Up until Thursday afternoon, as we go to press, young Hurtt had not been located.


Plans are being made by the Arbutus Community Association for their card and Bingo Party to be held on Wednesday, December 2, in the Community Hall, Arbutus. Proceeds to be used for the children of Arbutus and Halethorpe.

Last year, this Christmas treat for the children of these two communities proved to be the best party of its kind held in Baltimore County. More than 600 children received presents, candy, fruits and toys from Santa Claus and the Association is looking forward to a much larger party this year.

Mr. John Coppage is chairman of the committee in charge.


Police officers can make arrests for drunken driving only when they witness the offense or the violator admits his guilt, according to a ruling made public last Saturday by Herbert R. O'Conor, Attorney-General. A warrant must be obtained in all other cases, Mr. O'Conor held.

The ruling was given at the request of Magistrate John W. Loeber, of Catonsville.

The fact that an intoxicated person is seated at the wheel of a parked automobile is not sufficient to warrant his arrest. Mr. O'Conor also said that bare information that a person was intoxicated and that he had been driving an automobile while in that condition does not warrant an arrest.

50 Years Ago

An article in the Nov. 16, 1961, edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported on the local version of a national contest that tests young athletes' skills in basic football actions.

Boys aged six through ten years have a chance to win football equipment, footballs and warm-up jackets in a "pass, punt and kick" contest to be held on Saturday, Nov. 18, on the Catonsville junior high school grounds. Carl Rehling of the Catonsville Midget League will conduct the contest.

Prizes are being donated by Thorn Ford Sales, sponsor of one of the teams. Boys who are interested may register at Thorn's on the Baltimore National Pike or on the junior high school football field this coming Saturday, Nov. 11, through any representative of the Catonsville Midget League.


Mrs. Frances S. Clendaniel, head of the English department of the Woodlawn Senior High School, will be initiated into Xi Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society, inter-national honor society for women educators, at a luncheon meeting at the Broadview on Saturday, Nov. 18.

Miss Mary Jane Hendrickson, guest speaker at the luncheon, will give an illustrated talk on her experiences in Samoa in the past summer. During a sabbatical-year trip around the world, Miss Hendrickson, a psychologist in the Baltimore City Department of Education, taught classes in the Teachers College Institute in Samoa. A member of Mu Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society, she was the recipient of the scholarship for foreign study awarded by the Maryland branch of the society.


"Bridge Across Five Days", an episode filmed at Spring Grove Hospital and other locations in Catonsville for the "Route 66" series, will be seen this Friday night, Nov. 17, at 8:30 P.M. on TV Channel 2.


The Welfare Department of the Woman's Club of Relay will hold a coffee hour in the main building of Spring Grove Hospital at 1 P.M. next Monday, Nov. 20. Mrs. William Matthiesen is chairman and Mrs. Hugh B. Henry is co-chairman. Other committee members are Mrs. Harry B. Bowen, Jr., Mrs. Harold C. Hutson, Mrs. Henry W. Routenberg and Mrs. Arnold Schack.

100 Years Ago

An article in the Nov. 18, 1911, edition of The Argus recognized an unusual bird found in the area and put on display.

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