Upset about deer hunting

November 15, 2011


I was reluctant to read the article on luring deer because I have an aversion to hunting and killing. However, curiosity made me read it to see how hunters lure innocent deer into their sight. So I learned about scenting, rattling antlers and grunt calling. But it was the last sentence, "Learning to call the deer in can be as much fun as shooting them," that went straight to my heart. I've heard most of the reasons for hunting deer — thinning the population, lessening car accidents, relieving the starvation of deer in winter, and protecting the farmer's livelihood — so I am prepared to be chided for my naivete. But that last sentence that called shooting deer fun confirmed my suspicions. More often than not, hunters kill for fun.

Native Americans hunted for survival, for food, for skins. Animals kill when they feel threatened, to protect their offspring, or because they are hungry. But hunters kill for recreation, for fun.

When will society recognize the hazy line between what we do to animals and what some people do to other people?

Barbara Izzo

Bel Air

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