Remembering a 'Dixie Hummingbird'

November 15, 2011


Whenever I would see the late, iconic Imogene Johnston, she knew what to expect ... every single time ... you see, many, many years ago when I first met this fine, energetic lady who was a political dynamo, she reminded me of a busy, flying creature of nature ... and thus on our first meeting the name "Dixie Hummingbird" just came out instead of calling her "Miss Johnston" or "Imogene" ... and so it was, over the years, on photographic shoots, political events where she was holding forth, or her own campaigns, when we crossed paths, my greeting was always the same and she always responded with a smile and a Southern drawl accepting the nom de plume I chose to use.

The last time I was with "The Dixie Hummingbird" and her beloved Drex, she was in a wheel-chair and in failing health. Still though, I called out, "Well, hello there ... it's the Dixie Hummingbird" ... she managed another soft, sweet smile.

The energy this small-framed woman possessed was that of a hundred women, and her presence will be missed by the many whose lives she touched … Rest in peace, Dixie Hummingbird.

Todd Holden

Forest Hill

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