Relief from gas bill

November 15, 2011


I would like to commend the Harford County Council for its vote on Bill 11-48 Gas Station Reform. This is another example of the council listening to the voice of Harford County residents and preserving the right of our citizens to continue to voice their concerns on rural gas stations through the Board of Zoning Appeals process. It also preserves the right of the council to oversee any expansion of the 16 gas stations in areas with well and septic. It is a victory for all of Harford County.

Councilmen Jim McMahan and Dick Slutzky were correct in trying to fix the problem of 16 gas stations that need upgrading into compliance. Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti was absolutely correct in stating that this problem needs an urgent solution. Councilman Woods mentioned all the emails he had received against this bill and Councilman Shrodes thanked the many who came to the public hearing to speak against the bill and Councilman Guthrie stated that the bill was not strong enough.

As a result of the County Council's vote, both the citizens of Harford County and the County Council can be a part of the solution.

James Franczkowski


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