Well done

November 15, 2011

While Veterans Day came and went again this year, it's worth noting the observance of the holiday this year in Bel Air was better than most.

While it would be easy to take issue with the official publicity surrounding this year's events in the county seat that characterized the day as a celebration, even as it has traditionally been a somber observance, the recent pomp and circumstance in Bel Air show there is something to be said for celebrating the local heritage as it has been associated with national defense over the generations.

And there's reason to celebrate the lives of those who have served, even those who gave their all. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines though they may have been, they also laughed, smiled and had families who remember them fondly.

Those who arranged this unusually large honoring of our local veterans did a fine job in honoring those who have, over the generations, fought to preserve our way of life.

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