Seahawks start fresh with complete performance vs. Ravens

November 14, 2011|By Jerry Brewer | Seattle Times

Well, say this about the Seahawks: When they win, they impress.

They don't pick on the puny when they're desperate for a victory. They tap a heavyweight on the shoulder, bow up and start throwing uppercuts. And when they connect, you can't resist imagining the good that might lie on the other side of this rebuilding season.

If you're not going to win a lot of games, you might as well make your scant victories memorable and foretelling. The Seahawks have two eyebrow-raising, hope-instilling victories this season. They beat the New York Giants on the road in October. Now there's this, a 22-17 victory over Baltimore, their sturdiest triumph of the season.

On Sunday at CenturyLink Field, the 2-6 Seahawks of the season's first half stepped aside, and the franchise embraced the artificial opening of the second half. It's not really a new season, unless you need it to be. The Seahawks certainly desired something fresh, and they took advantage of the mythical clean slate and played their best overall football game in 2011.

So now they're 1-0, sort of.

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