Nichols no angel but didn't deserve to die as he did

Letter to the editor

November 14, 2011

It kills me that this happened to Jeffrey Nichols ("Elkridge man dies a week after being shot 8 times by police". I wish he would have been given the proper treatment with his first incident and this would have never happened.

He was always a good kid. We had are arguments and rough times, but we got over it. He was smart, always had good grades and was a very good friend. I am not saying Jeff was an angel, but he did not deserve this. What 19 year old boy deserves to be shot eight times by six officers? And the way he was shot was unreasonable: Four times in the chest, once in each arm, once in each leg.

He was a fighter. He held on for nearly a week. May you rest in peace, Jeffrey. You are now happy and no longer suffering. We love you, and you and your family and friends will always be in our prayers.

Sarah Coleman


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