Attitude toward Grand Prix makes one sympathize with Bob Irsay

November 13, 2011

I really have a hard time understanding the hatred a lot of locals have for the Baltimore Grand Prix. Why are they so afraid of big time sports? And the drivel they complain about is almost unbelievable. These hicks are upset that they aren't racing electric cars? Give me a break! I suppose these sissies are also upset that the Ravens don't play touch football because some of the poor, exploited players might get hurt. My my, how those underpaid players are being taken advantage of. Oh gracious, I think I'm getting the vapors!

No wonder Bob Irsay moved the Colts out of this hick town. These losers around here don't deserve professional sports. I hope the other team owners around here wise up and move their teams someplace where the locals aren't such uneducated dimwits. As for me, I look forward to rooting for the Pittsburgh Ravens.

William Smith, Baltimore

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