Instant analysis: Ravens flounder in Seattle

Miscues hurt Ravens, who can't establish running game and lose 22-17 on the road

November 13, 2011

Ron Fritz, head of sports: See what happens when you run the ball? The Ravens ought to try it sometime. A week after a signature road victory in Pittsburgh, the Ravens turn in one of their worst, most-imbalanced performances of the year on offense against the 2-6 Seahawks. Credit the Ravens’ defense for limiting the Seahawks to field goals or the score could have been much, much worse.

Kevin Van Valkenburg, staff writer: It's really hard to take the Ravens seriously as a Super Bowl contender when they keep losing games like this. And as much as fans may want to pin the inconsistency on one area, there is enough to go around. Coaches, players, executives, offense, defense, special teams. Face it, this team can play great at times, but they're not a great team. They could get hot late in the year, but they've run out of excuses for their road woes.

Chris Korman, Ravens editor: What is it with this team? You can't say, after they've twice beaten rival Pittsburgh in physical games, that they're weak. Both mentally and physically they've shown they can play the way a championship team does. But then something like this happens, and they appear unable to muster the care needed to complete what are essentially menial tasks. You've got to be able to impose your will -- run the ball -- in games like this one, and the Ravens failed to do so from the very beginning. But, really, this year is unlike any we've seen recently in the NFL. Only the Packers are consistently solid and the Ravens, somehow, remain near the front of a group of teams chasing them.

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