Life sentence not sufficient for man convicted of murder during Catonsville convenience store robbery

Letter to the editor

November 13, 2011

As I read the read this sad story ("Sentencing latest chapter in tragic tale," Catonsville Times, Nov. 9), I was angered by the murder.

But most of all, I had sorrow in my heart for the family who lost a loved one.

And I thought that we have the death penalty as part of Maryland's criminal justice system.

Life without parole is a well deserved judgment, but I believe it is less than what justice demands.

Cold blooded murder of an innocent life calls for the murderer to forfeit his life. This would be a way to proclaim to all that we love justice here in Catonsville.

With a long history as a Christian nation and the Bible as its foundation, we should grant this sinner an opportunity to make his peace with the Lord.


Don Sands


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