Mustang for sale should be removed from Catonsville street

Letter to the editor

November 13, 2011

While I have no doubt that Ed Crowl is fond of his maroon 1964 1⁄2 Mustang sitting in front of 101 South Rolling Road ("Mustangs and Colts among favorites of retired teacher," Catonsville Times, Nov. 9), I implore him to recognize that this rusting hulk is nothing but an eyesore on an otherwise historical avenue with beautiful homes and trees.

It is time for the Mustang to go or, at least, go under a decent car cover.

Perhaps some of the wanna-be politicians, community organizations and property developers battling it out on the Catonsville Times editorial page over what would make Catonsville better can band together, give Mr. Crowl his $2,500 asking price and remove this blight from our midst.

Baring that, I would ask the local police and traffic authorities to review the implications of the presence of this dilapidated heap on traffic safety and snow removal on this critical thoroughfare through Catonsville.


Scott Appelbaum


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