The Visiting Corner

November 13, 2011|By Kathy

Much of the draw of a small, neighborhood grocery store is the neighborliness it fosters. In the Roland Park area we’ve had several over time. Graul’s once sat where Eddie’s on Roland Avenue is today. Graul’s was also farther down Roland in the space where Roland Park Wine & Liquor is. Victor’s sat at the center of the Roland Park Shopping Center, and the A&P at the corner of Roland and Colorado Avenues.

Today Eddie’s on Roland Avenue is the only small grocery store in the Roland Park area.

The other evening my husband and I took a walk up Roland Avenue and stopped in for a few items.  As always, we ran into a few people. One, a close friend, we had not seen for almost a month. We needed to catch up. Inadvertently, we stumbled on the perfect visiting corner.

We spotted our friend as she came into the store and took a basket. We rushed over and started chatting. In this spot no one crashed into us with a cart. We did not feel compelled to flatten ourselves against a shelf, so others could pass. We stood there, nestled in a cozy corner by the spice shelves and the back of the fruit stand, and talked for 20 minutes.

That corner easily accommodated the three of us, particularly because we were carrying baskets and not pushing carts. We were happy to discover it, and we’ll use it again.

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