'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: 'Surprisingly Rich'

Miami, sex toys and funeral homes. Really.

  • Phaedra Parks: The new queen of funeral homes?
Phaedra Parks: The new queen of funeral homes? (Bravo )
November 13, 2011|By Ty Alexander

This episode we start by following Kandi, NeNe, and Cynthia on their extremely boring trip to Miami. From the looks of this scene, the editors really fished for content.

They chatted about the latest cast member fight between NeNe and Sheree. If you've been watching "RHOA" you know that these fights are on a heavy rotation between the cast members.

While sipping on cocktails, Kandi asked if NeNe really told Sheree she was rich. NeNe replied with the best quote of the episode, "I told her I was rich. Guess what: I am." Reality TV stardom has always intrigued me. I guess a Donald Trump really give her ego that boost she was looking for.  

To help tie in Kandi's new interest for sex toys, the three laughed about lesbianism and if they'd ever try it with a female. Both NeNe and Cynthia oppose the idea while Kandi would consider sex but not a relationship. Kandi's gonna work on getting NeNe a man since she's planning her divorce now.

Over in the land of the dead people, Phaedra is plotting her big funeral home debut. I missed where all this funeral talk came from but apparently Phaedra really wants to be the "Saks 5th Avenue of the funeral homes."

She met with a funeral home owner, Willie Watkins, who basically suggested that she change her image and get her master plan together. I guess he sees how tacky she is, too. Perhaps it's against the law just to see her practice law right? I really think she just Googled her law degree and isn't really with a firm.

After really having enough of all the drama, NeNe meets with a Miami realtor. Does this mean she'll be on "Real Housewives of Miami"? My prediction is no. That house was a little pricey, otherwise known as out of her price point. She may want to stick to ATL where the wood for houses are cheap.

NeNe continued to be the highlight of the episode since her name was still tossed around at Kim's surprise party. They even joked about her "eating" her teeth and getting new ones for free. WHOA! These gals are crazy!

It seems like all the action will happen in episode 3. Next week, the next cast member feud gets under way. Apollo (Phaedra's husband) and Peter (Cynthia's husband) are seen exchanging a few words. Although Apollo's are much softer than Peter. I will need Apollo to find his inner deep voice at some point. Apollo also seems not to be feeling the love and support from Phaedra. Let's see how this play out.

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