Media roundup: Who's picking the Ravens?

Here's a collection of Ravens-Seahawks picks from around the Web

November 11, 2011

• Keyshawn Johnson picks the Seahawks to pull the upset, but the other three ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown analysts think the Ravens will win.

• It's unanimous across the board — all eight ESPN NFL "experts" believe the Ravens will beat Seattle.

• ESPN's Madden 12 simulation forecasts a 27-13 win for the Ravens with Ray Rice as the star of the game.

This was a game dominated by Ray Rice. 131 yards and one touchdown on the ground, five catches for 42 yards and another score through the air & it's enough to make fantasy owners weep tears of joy. T-Sizzle added a 29 yard touchdown on a fumble recovery to give the Ravens the 27-13 win.

•'s Peter King thinks the Ravens will pick up an easy victory against the Seahawks.

Ravens 26, Seahawks 10: I love the NFL releases in games that have that blowout smell, when the underdog is propped up. In the Week 10 NFL Capsules sent to the media comes this gem that will have a major bearing on this game, about Seattle's Raheem Brock: "DE Raheem Brock has faced Bal. 5 times & his teams are 5-0." I'm sure John Harbaugh will tell his players Saturday night how much trouble they're in because Raheem Brock has never lost to the Ravens.

• Mike Florio and Gregg Rosenthal of NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk both expect the Ravens to win, but Rosenthal thinks it will be a close game.

Florio's take: The Jim Harbaugh/Pete Carroll feud expands a bit, with Jim's brother getting a crack at Carroll's team. That'll help keep the Ravens from once again letting their guard down against an inferior team a week after beating the Steelers. And the fact that the Seahawks simply aren't very good. Florio's pick: Ravens 30, Seahawks 17.

Rosenthal's take: The Ravens lost in Jacksonville and Tennessee. They barely beat Arizona, another NFC West also-ran. That's a long way of saying this game is no layup for Baltimore. That doesn't mean I'm crazy enough to take the Seahawks to win straight up. Rosenthal's pick: Ravens 20, Seahawks 16.

• All three hosts of Showtime's Inside the NFL predict a win for the Ravens.

•'s Peter Schrager picks the Ravens to win.

•'s Will Brinson believes the Seahawks will get the victory at home, but everyone else picks the Ravens to win.

• Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times thinks it will be close, but the Ravens will win.

Ravens 27, Seahawks 20: The Seahawks will need a lot of help from their running game and special teams to pull off an upset. The Ravens are too focused to allow a letdown in this one, even if it is on the road.

• NESN's Michael Hurley doesn't think there's a chance on earth that the Seahawks will even come within the seven-point spread against the Ravens.

There may be a planet somewhere in this universe where I could pick the Seattle Seahawks as a seven-point underdog against the Baltimore Ravens. I do not currently inhabit that planet. That is all.


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[Compiled by Dean Jones Jr.]

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