Mossburg and other think tank critics should leave Maryland for less green pastures

November 11, 2011

I wish Marta Mossburg and the rest of her ignorant cronies at her right wing "think tank" (there's an ironic name for you, as all you have to do to join their "think tank" is to shut off your brain and stop thinking) would finally follow through on their empty threats and move out of Maryland completely ("Governor, don't tell us where to live," Nov. 9).

Ms. Mossburg constantly threatens to leave forever, to "take her ball and go home" so to speak, but year after whining year, she and her right wing cohorts are still here, still whining every day about the supposed "free market" and how it will make everything wonderful and rosy. Apparently, the "free market" and "pixie dust" are the same mysterious right wing concoction that will fix everything, if we just shut our eyes and believe hard enough.

I'm getting tired of her empty threats. Leave already, or shut up and do something that's actually useful.

William Smith, Baltimore

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