Paterno deserved better treatment

November 11, 2011

The unfortunate aspect of all these new ways to communicate is that it gives rise to people believing that they have a right to pass judgment on anyone who makes a mistake and doesn't live up to perfection. Joe Paterno has helped many people over a lifetime and didn't ask for much in return. He committed no crime!

As for sins of omission, that is between him and his own God, who is forgiving unlike these perfection zealots who chastise Joe. There comes a time when we all fall short and to ignore all the wonderful accomplishments of this fine man is travesty.

Shame on Penn State University for exhibiting a spineless backbone and caving in to fanatical idiots and ignoring 46 years of love and service. And to those individuals who blog, tweet and orate on the perfect values that must be upheld at all costs without a mistake in judgment, I offer this: What comes around goes around.

Thanks Joe Pa and may God bless!

Steve Cuprzynski

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