Weekend's best bet: Saves the Day at Recher Theatre

Please excuse how personal of a pick this is

November 11, 2011|By Wesley Case

The Foo Fighters show at Verizon Center tonight is sold out, so what's the next best option for a weekend show? Despite it being a slow concert weekend, the Saves the Day gig at Recher Theatre Sunday could be the next best bet.

I've touched on this before, but I'll do it again: Growing up in New Jersey at the height of the emo/pop-punk wave — the same wave that made every high schooler start a band and book shows at skating rinks and living rooms, including myself — means the world to me. We were the suburban kids that took romantic break-ups really hard, and that used power chords and melodramatic lyrics through high-pitched vocals as our catharsis. It seems kind of silly now, but not entirely. Saves the Day was the soundtrack to our adolescence: from the Lifetime-facsimile debut "Can't Slow Down" to the genre-defining "Through Being Cool" and the sophisticated leap of "Stay What You Are," these were the albums we played most. 

After "Stay," Saves the Day lost members and steps. Lead singer-songwriter Chris Conley got obsessed with the Beatles, and you can imagine those results. He even changed his singing style to a nasally croak, which was the ultimate line-in-the-sand between old fans and the ones standing by the band. I fall into the former, but mostly because my tastes changed.

But when I put on an old Saves the Day record, and I still do occassionally, there's something comforting in still knowing the lyrics verbatim and remembering how true those songs felt at the time. To see Saves the Day now would be slightly weird and slightly refreshing, as most nostalgic things are. The goal is not to hear cuts from their new album, "Daybreak," but rather to relive the feelings associated with "You Vandal," "At Your Funeral" and "This is Not an Exit," all songs I'd hope they'd remember to include. And who knows? Maybe the new material would be surprisingly good. But really, that'd merely be a bonus.

Watch the Saves the Day video for "Deranged & Desperate" below.

Saves the Day plays Recher Theatre on Sunday. Bayside, I Am the Avalanche and Transit also perform. Doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets, $16, are still available here.

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