NFL Week 10 staff picks: Ravens at Seahawks

November 10, 2011

Kevin Cowherd

Ravens 26, Seahawks 13

To avoid slow start, Ravens will replace Gatorade with Starbucks espresso machiatto.

Edward Lee

Ravens 22, Seahawks 9

The Ravens will avoid this "trap" game, but it won't be easy.

Mike Preston

Ravens 28, Seahawks 10

The Ravens need to prove that they can be consistent, and get ready for the Bengals.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 27, Seahawks 13

Highly emotional win plus coast-to-coast flight could lead to flat performance, but Seahawks will not allow it.

Kevin Van Valkenburg

Ravens 27, Seahawks 10

Ravens finally show some consistency on the road by shutting down Marshawn Lynch.

Mark Viviano

Ravens 24, Seahawks 9

Warning: Ravens playing a bad team on the road. Message received, Ravens take care of business.

Jeff Zrebiec

Ravens 23, Seahawk 13

A post-Steelers letdown and the Seahawks' home-field advantage will make this game tougher than it should be.

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