Surgery wasn't an option for Grubbs

Left guard elated procedure ruled out

November 10, 2011|By Edward Lee

After talking to former Ravens left tackle Jonathan Ogden about the turf toe injury that contributed to the future Hall of Famer's retiring after the 2007 season, left guard Ben Grubbs was understandably concerned about the strained ligaments in a toe on his right foot that had shelved him for six consecutive games.

Grubbs, who had undergone surgery on the same ankle twice in the past three years, eagerly sought a medical opinion from renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

“We wanted to make sure that [surgery] was out of the question,’ Grubbs said Wednesday. “So I went to see Dr. Andrews, and he looked at it, and he was confident that I didn’t have to get surgery. So when I heard that, I was elated, man, because I did not want to get worked on again. I was able to just continue what I was doing, and everything worked out.”

Rest, treatment and orthotics aided his recovery process, but being a spectator rather than a participant gnawed at Grubbs, the organization’s first-round pick in 2007.

“It was tough, especially since it was my first time really being injured,” he recalled. “I’ve been hurt and I’ve played hurt, but that was the first time I couldn’t really play, and I wanted to so bad. I tried a couple times to come back out there, but it didn’t really cooperate with me. It was painful watching on the sidelines, especially when we lost. I was definitely glad the team was winning, but at the same time, I wanted to be a part of that. When you’re injured sometimes, you feel like you’re not a part of it because you’re always in the training room and you see your guys having fun and winning and doing what you’re so used to doing. But when you’re not a part of that, it feels like you’re separated from everybody. So I just wanted to get back into the mix of things and be part of the team.”

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