Raclette is from Switzerland, not Sweden

November 10, 2011

It was with great interest that I read John Houser III's review of the Grand Cru in Belvedere Square ("Fine wines, fair small plates at Grand Cru," Nov. 3). Having been there several times myself, I wholeheartedly agree with his recommendations.

There is however, a glaring error in his text, one which reflects poorly on our knowledge of regional cuisine and culture and only reinforces the belief that Americans have no clue when it comes to anything outside our borders. In this day and age of the Internet, how can it be possible to refer to raclette as a "Swedish classic"? Switzerland and Sweden are two very different countries, with their own cultures. As a Swiss-American I am used to hearing, "Are you from Swaziland or Sweden?" Mr. Houser is, unfortunately, very poorly informed. The Swedish make raclette? Then the Swiss should start making meatballs!

Hans A. Luck, Baltimore

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