The traffic report

November 10, 2011

To borrow a turn of phrase from Dorothy upon landing in Oz, we're not in the country any more.

It may be possible to drive an hour and be in the country, but the territory around Aberdeen and Havre de Grace isn't a sleepy backwater as it is sometimes portrayed, and once may well have been.

There's plenty of evidence of this transformation, be it in the form of shopping centers, newly-built neighborhoods or industrial parks. Possibly, the greatest indication of this area's transformation from country to congestion, though is that hour it might take to drive from downtown Aberdeen to an area that could truly be called country.

Local planners estimate the better part of that hour spent behind the wheel of a car, strictly speaking 47.6 minutes, is the amount of time that will be needed to drive from Aberdeen's I-95 exit to the Route 715 gate for Aberdeen Proving Ground. That's the traffic report for 2015 for a trip that now takes nine minutes.

It's a frightening thought, but a notion we might as well get used to. The expansion of Aberdeen Proving Ground because of BRAC has given the area a lot economically, most notably, a big city job base. But a big city job base means other big city issues will also crop up, and it looks like traffic is going to be one of them.

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