Harford's Most Beautiful

November 10, 2011


On Oct. 27, Harford County Government recognized this year's 17 nominees for the 25th annual Harford's Most Beautiful People. Through their volunteer work they have touched the lives of many people living in and around Harford County and their stories should be an inspiration to everyone.

We are proud to announce Edna Reeves as Harford's Most Beautiful Person for 2011. Edna's main volunteerism these days is shared between the Darlington Volunteer Fire Company and Harford Memorial Hospital.  Edna suffered a life-altering event in 1996 when she survived a car accident that killed four people, one of whom was her husband of 42 years.  She was the lone survivor.

 It became evident to her that she needed to "give back" to all the people who helped her through the physical pain and sorrow.  So, after a lengthy recuperation which has left her permanently impaired, Edna trained to become an EMT.  Over the years she has donated thousands of hours, in excess of 1,200 hundred in 2010 alone.  At Harford Memorial Hospital, Edna does whatever is needed.  She received her 1,000 hour pin last year.  She also donates her time and talents to Grace Memorial Episcopal Church where and when needed.

The nominees for the 2011 Harford's Most Beautiful People were:  Patricia Beall, Rick Bowlus, Cindy Carr, Trudy Walters Daniels, Marie Edmeades, Tim Favazza, Patricia Fielder, Judith Ingold, Robert Johnson, Joan Keenan, Agnes Minor, June Poole, Peter Raimondi, Edna Reeves, Kenneth Smith, Chiwy Webster and Kim Weddle-Nelson.  This year, the nominees' served in our schools, detention centers, mentoring programs, animal rescue and shelters, clothing closets, church ministries and Sunday Schools.  They worked with youth, special populations, community or senior activities.  They cared for friends, family and neighbors.

Overall, the contribution of their time and talents significantly enhances the quality of life and community spirit in our County.  They are quietly and diligently working in our communities to make Harford County a better place to live, work and play and we cannot thank them enough for all they do.

Elizabeth Hendrix

Director of Department of Community Services

And the Staff of the Volunteer Harford

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