Corner BYOB unleashes its first exotic meats dinner

November 10, 2011|By Richard Gorelick

The Corner BYBO has announced the first dinner of its Gastronaut Society

The winning Hampden bistro opened in late winter with a four-square Belgian-influenced menu by Chef Bernard Dehaene. From the start, exotic meats were part of the package. In the early days, you'd have to know to ask about them. Then, in August, Corner BYOB announced the details of an exotic meats club, the Gastronaut Society, with an annual subscription rate of $50.

Dehaene and owner Cecile Fenix have now announced the first dinner of the Gastronaut Society. The seven-course dinner will be on Tuesday, Nov. 15. Gastronaut Society members were given the first stab for the dinner’s limited seating, but the restaurant has a few spots left for non-club members. 

The cost is $125 and $95 for registered Gastronaut Society members. BYOB is in effect.

On the menu --kangaroo, boar, and antelope and tickly additions like prickly pears, salsify, and speck.

Email for information about the Corner BYOB Gastronaut Society.

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