Black Friday horror stories: What's yours?

November 10, 2011|Eileen Ambrose

Just how much pain or trouble are you willing to go through to save money on holiday purchases?

According to a survey from, consumers reported waiting in a mile-long line just to get into a store, standing in line one hour to check out and staying up for more than 24 hours last year to get deals. Another reported a woman grabbed a jacket out of the consumer’s hand, and then another shopper grabbed the jacket and the pair ended up in a tug-of-war.

My favorite: “A woman grabbed things out of my cart, flipped my cart and tried to take off. She wound up handcuffed to my cart after she was caught.”

Nevertheless, the coupon site reported that 35 percent of adult shoppers will be heading out to the stores or purchasing gifts online this Black Friday. Most of those shoppers said they wanted to get the best deals possible, while 28 percent said they like starting their holiday shopping that day. And another 27 percent said it’s tradition.

So, are any of you brave enough to go out that day to the stores? And if you’ve done so in the past, do you have any BF horror stories?

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