Baltimore Grand Prix: Focus on the positive, not the negative

November 09, 2011

Regarding your recent article about the Baltimore Grand Prix, I'm wondering why your coverage of this event has been so negative ("Study finds modest impact from race," Nov. 5).

There's no arguing that improvements need to be made organizationally and that vendors cannot go unpaid. Fiscal management by Baltimore Racing Development appears to be poor. Perhaps those in charge of the company need to be replaced with more skilled and experienced professionals.

However, to cast the Grand Prix as anything but a success that was beneficial to the Baltimore region is short-sighted.

Baltimore has been a great city and has the potential to be great again, but the constant negative attitude toward anything new is disheartening.

I'm old enough to remember the development of the Inner Harbor, which is now considered a model for cities across the country. I also remember the negativity of those who didn't have the foresight to see the benefits it would produce.

My advice: Look at the positives of the Grand Prix, fix what needs to be fixed and celebrate the event as a great attraction that focuses on the positive in Baltimore.

Rick Schimpf, Pasadena

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