Deer in Roland Park

November 09, 2011|By Kathy

I had an email this week from a reader who spotted two deer crossing Roland Avenue near Lake Avenue at about 10:30 at night. Only a few cars were on the street. Bright lights made the deer easy to spot as they crossed Roland and strolled into yards on the east side of the street.
She wrote trying to reach someone in the neighborhood association for that area. After emailing friends in north Roland Park, I learned these deer were not an unusual occurrence. One friend on St. George’s Road said her munched-on garden is proof of their regular prowling.  
The writer hoped a “Deer Crossing” sign might be posted. That is not a bad idea. Often, cars tear around the corner from Lake to Roland; hitting a crossing deer would be easy.
Farther down in Roland Park, we have spotted deer, too. I’m told they are in the woods behind St. Mary’s Seminary. Last year, one walked down our driveway towards Cold Spring Lane. Fortunately, our fence and our neighbors’ kept it from going out into that thoroughfare.

This year, neighbors on the west side of Ridgewood Road have spotted deer in their backyard. They are beautiful to see, but city streets are no place for deer.   

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