NFL Network's Irvin has bought into Flacco, Ravens

Hall of Famer's colleagues on NFL GameDay Final not as sold just yet

November 08, 2011|By Edward Lee

The Ravens’ 23-20 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night has earned the team a new member with a familiar name on the bandwagon: Michael Irvin.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Hall of Famer was complimentary of the Ravens during Sunday night’s NFL GameDay Final on the NFL Network. Irvin was especially impressed with quarterback Joe Flacco’s decision-making and throws in capping a 92-yard game-winning drive with a 26-yard touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith.

“The most important element for a quarterback is, can you make that play late in the game?” Irvin said. “Today, Joe Flacco did that. We’re used to watching [Pittsburgh’s] Ben Roethlisberger do it. We’re not used to watching Joe Flacco do it, especially not with Ben Roethlisberger on the field. Give him all the credit. He deserves that today.”

Irvin also said that the 6-2 Ravens are the best team in the AFC North. His colleagues, former Ravens cornerback and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and former San Francisco 49ers coach Steve Mariucci, did not agree. Sanders picked the Steelers, while Mariucci threw his support behind the Cincinnati Bengals.

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