Disgusted by players — and principal — at Perry Hall

November 08, 2011

I am writing in regard to the ongoing Perry Hall vs. Dulaney High School soccer taunting incident in which the Perry Hall principal has rescinded his forfeit for the varsity boys soccer team and has allowed them to continue their season. I am utterly disgusted by the behavior that has led to this.

The Sun's coverage of the incident did not do it justice. The Perry Hall boys, after the game was complete and they had secured victory, went over to the Dulaney parents' section as a team and did the "Bernie" dance in a very lewd and sexual manner. It was an obvious show of unsportsmanship and arrogance and should not be tolerated.

Now Perry Hall parents are complaining, sending letters to and calling their principal, accusing the Dulaney girls soccer team who played the next day at Perry Hall of taunting after a loss (who taunts after they lose?), and actually got him to change his decision! This is the problem with over-hyped parents involved in sports. They cannot see past the fact that their children were wrong and should receive consequences. All they care about is winning, not lessons.

Now that they are being allowed to play, it gives the message that these boys' behavior is acceptable, and if deemed not, its OK because their parents will complain and right the ship. These boys and parents are making Perry Hall High School look very bad and should be ashamed of themselves, but its OK, because they might win!

The principal of Perry Hall should have had the conviction to stand by his decision, instead of giving into parent pressure.

Jeremy Miller, Baltimore

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