Baltimore should double down to make next year's Grand Prix even better

November 08, 2011

The Baltimore Grand Prix is still in its infancy, and it is growing up on a very loud, very public stage. The race's entrepreneurs should be celebrated for their vision and for being willing to take the risks necessary to pull off a public event of such magnitude.

Granted, they had a few problems. All start-ups do. But it would be incredibly short-sighted for the public to dwell solely on the problems.

The smarter move would be for the city and state to double-down by committing more grants/loans/partnerships to help the race organizers through this massive learning curve.

It would be even better if a company like Under Armour were to sign up as sponsor for the 2012 event, providing money to pay off remaining debt.

Here's the payoff: A Baltimore spring that begins with the Preakness, and a summer that ends with a Grand Prix. Cross-promotion of both events. That's horsepower, and it's also marketing gold.

Dan Harvey, Ellicott City

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